A PhD pathway – what’s involved?

Preparing for grad school & what to expect

Preparing for (and applying to) the emotional rollercoaster of grad school

Grad school interviews

Making a strong grad school application – some advice

More of your grad school questions answered (deciding whether or not to apply, personal statements, lab choosing, hurdles, post-doc-ing, prof/or-not-ing, etc.)

Grad school interview advice

Who’s who in a lab

Some thoughts on reading while PhD-ing & PhD-ing in general

Grad School Behind the Scenes: Journal club group meetings (& more “random” stuff about papers & Twitter)

Why grad school timeframes vary & what’s involved in “graduating” from a PhD program

Towards the end! Thesis-Related Posts

Thesis-izing: a quick video on writing a thesis, what that means, & what I’ve found useful

1 month to my PhD thesis defense! Here’s why that event means so much for me…

Thesis writing… fun?

How to make your life easier when it comes time to write a thesis


Why I dedicated my thesis to Grammy, plus a call for senior citizen science outreach

Thesis Thoughts: style, acknowledgments section, & how it feels post-submission (Hint: pretty good!)

Thesis defense talk prepping

Thoughts on the day before my thesis defense

What my thesis defense was like

The PhD hat – hat’s off to my amazing lab mates!

Dr. Bumbling Biochemist, Postgraduate student. What’s that? What happens after your dissertation defense?

Postdoc-ing (some of which is applicable to grad school too)

Postdoc-ing: an intro (for me too 🙂 ) – week 1

Choosing a research topic, choosing a postdoc lab, & thoughts on the grad-to-postdoc transition

Lab group meetings

Take advantage of opportunities to learn from one another, & make sure to pay it forward

Tips to help along the way

Some study suggestions for school

Time- and thumb-saving lab tips

Be notable! Lab notes and organization

Experiment-ing: organizedly planning out, preparing for, performing, & writing notes for experiments

Reading science articles – some advice

Reference management (focused on Mendeley) – and finding & managing the correct references!

Practical advice on various things

It’s not you – it’s science – getting through bad days in grad school

Preparing and presenting scientific research talks – some tips and advice

Finding, organizing, reading, & taking notes on scientific papers when starting a new project

Staying up to date in science – setting up alerts & using RSS feeds

Making the most of experimental methods sections

Push past the self-doubt & seek out opportunities – it just might pay off!

Keeping a detailed plasmid inventory

Protein prep inventory-ing: keeping a detailed inventory of cell pellets and purified proteins

My NCBI – an intro to why you should get an account, My Bibliography, SciENcv, & biosketches

It always seems impossible until it’s done! General tips for daunting writing projects

Why trainee bio-related scientists should learn basic programming (esp. command line, Python, & R)