I recently discovered RSS feeds. And I don’t think there’s any going back… Also learned about new ways to set alerts. I spent a lot of time setting all that up, so I’m going to let the video me talk it out…

And here are some links if you want to try it out

for alerts:

note: you can usually use +, and/or etc. & use an asterisk * if you want everything starting with something, like ribosom* if you want ribosome and ribosomal

for RSS feeds: 

you can find them on most websites, and on blogs you can put in the website and then/feed, like “https://thebumblingbiochemist.com/feed” if you want to add my blog posts to your stream

I really like being able to make custom feeds of PubMed searches – you’ll see the option next to the option to get alerts

here are a couple of the other feed sources I mentioned in the video:

those things will give you urls you can add to your

RSS readers: these have free versions & premium versions with various functionalities and on-the-go apps. I’m still scouting things out

more on finding and organizing papers: https://bit.ly/organizing_papers 

more about reference management: https://bit.ly/referencesreference  

more about reading scientific papers: https://bit.ly/readingsciencearticlesadvice  

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