In science, the “best” learning is often learning directly from other people. Whether those people are students, technicians, postdocs, or professors! So take advantage of opportunities to shadow others, ask them to show you how to do a technique, ask them about their research, etc. And then, when the time comes, pay it forward and teach someone. Always remember when you were in the position of needing help and help others in the way you would want to be helped. This is core to the bumbling biochemist philosophy and I just wanted to share some (very grateful) thoughts after a day in which, in the morning, I got to shadow a group of grad students who graciously offered to show me how to harvest cells for ribosome profiling. In the late-morning I had a great talk with my PI (the head of the lab) in a low-stress, colleague-to-colleague-y type way even though she’s way up the totem pole of science compared to me, she’s just super awesome. And then, in the afternoon, I helped (or at least tried to, I doubt I helped much) another grad student practice for his qualifying exam. And was totally out of my league with the pharmaceutical chemistry they were talking about! Just another day in science! And I’m grateful for all of these interactions and opportunities. 

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