Current Topics


Links to #365DaysOfScience Posts, Intro to Structural Biology Slides, and #WomenInSTEM Wikipedia editing slides.

365 Days of Science

Daily installations of step-by-step protein biochemistry experiments.

Amino acids

Links to posts on each of the protein letters.

Broadcasts of the Bumbling Biochemist

The Bumbling Biochemist takes you through biochemistry experiments by taking you through her "superhero" missions.

Equipped to Experiment
In a series of Twitter threads and sub-threads the Bumbling Biochemist takes you on a tour of her "lab home" and introduces you to some of the equipment she uses on her missions.
Women in Science

Weekly "WiSE Wednesday" profiles of women in STEM written and published for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL)'s Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) group.

Life in the Lab

Explanations of common biochemistry techniques.


RNA interference and related topics.


Multilingual information about the novel coronavirus, Covid-19

Future Topics

I am planning to include explanations of a selection of topics generally covered in undergraduate biochemistry, chemistry, and molecular biology courses, as well as some more advanced experimental techniques in protein biochemistry. Within some topics I will include several levels of detail so you can find what best fits your need.

Content will be added periodically (I am an active grad student so content addition will be limited by time...). In order to make this site most useful, if you have specific topics you'd like covered, please let me know through the Questions/Request page.