I dedicated my thesis to Carol Lee Bibel (July, 1937 – May 27, 2019) — or as I knew her, “Grammy.” She had dementia and even in her last days we shared a special connection through chemistry. I called her twice a week and when I did I’d make sure to mention that I was doing some cool biochemistry. She’d hear “chemistry” and light up, telling me “I loved chemistry. I only took one class but I remember loving it” … Despite the dementia, that stuck with her and her words will stick with me forever. It was incredible how she could be so confused yet mentioning chemistry could spark a passion ignited so long ago yet never with the chance to pursue… I will never be able to reignite that spark with my grandma and it really pains me to know that, but I hope that through sharing this story and this piece she inspired me to write for Massive a while back about the importance of engaging senior citizens in science outreach and scicomm efforts others will be inspired to connect and engage with senior citizens through science. Thanks for listening/reading. http://bit.ly/2X9B4se

I’m always going to have that memory, those words & that excitement playing over and over in my mind. Especially when I go to defend my thesis. I love you Grammy – this is for you.

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