As I hope this post will help you see, chemistry really is at the heart of biochemistry – and it really needn’t be scary! Today’s post is just a rambly talk about some core chemistry concepts that come up again and again in biochemistry and what I’ve found helpful in developing a really intuitive thinking about molecules. Also some examples of how chemistry is constantly coming up in my own research – including the nucleic acid-protein binding experiments I ran this morning!

I kinda whizz through a lot of examples so don’t worry if they don’t make sense – I just wanted to give you a sense! (of where you’ll see some key concepts come up). 

Also, here are those (much better) free resources for people wanting to learn more about chemistry:

Amanda L. Jonsson, Mark A.J. Roberts, J.L. Kiappes, Kathryn A. Scott; Essential chemistry for biochemists. Essays Biochem 31 October 2017; 61 (4): 401–427. doi:


Khan academy:

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