I just had a few thoughts I wanted to share… Thank you so much to everyone who has been following along and supporting me. I know that my stuff is sometimes messy but my top priority is my “job” as a graduate student, so there is only a certain amount of time and energy I can put into my posts. And I already feel guilty taking time away from work so I end up overworking myself on all fronts. I know I can’t be perfect so I don’t try because when I indulge that perfectionistic tendency of mine I get overwhelmed so thank you for putting up with it. This perfectionism and my major self-esteem issues make the videos difficult for me, but I also want to help people learn as best as I can and it’s good practice for me so I will be making some more moving forward (but not all the time). 

oh – and note to mom – sorry for saying, like, “like,” like so much. I’ve been trying to say um or er or something else instead but growing up a California kid when I did it’s a bad habit that’s ingrained in my brain!

note: I’m hosting some videos on Youtube because they’re too big for my blog, but I don’t have a Youtube channel and I’ve turned off comments and stuff so haters don’t even try! But you can find the youtube versions on my blog and then save them to watch later or whatever you want to do with youtube stuff other than trolling. 

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