Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me to get here! 

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It’s really exhausting doing all this sci comm on the top of PhD-ing, and I don’t always have time to make new content. But I have a ton of old content I can draw on. And you can access it all on my blog Here’s some of what you’ll find there.

In addition to easier-to-read-and-more-figure-having versions of the #365DaysOfScience posts like today’s  

and the option to search for ones you’re interested in, I have some extra features… 

For example, glossary of de-jargonnize biochemistry jargon, which I’ve continued to update, and the words in the glossary are underlined in the posts & you can scroll over or click to learn more when the word comes up in context.  

I also have a page of links to posts on some fabulous female scientists.  

And I have a graphics page where I have some core graphics I’ve made (using Adobe Illustrator – I know you’re gonna ask!). All are free to use with attribution and some are downloadable from Wikipedia  

I’ve also been working to make pages with posts grouped by topic. For example, there’s an “experimental techniques” page where you can find links to posts on things like SDS-PAGE, PCR, western blots, etc.  

There’s also a page with links to posts on classic biochemistry experiments – we’re talking the Chase-Hershey blender experiments showing genetic info is held in nucleic acids, the NIrenberg experiments cracking the genetic code, and Sanger sequencing insulin (the first protein to be sequenced).  

Or maybe you want some practical advice? There’s a page for that!  

There’s also one on protein purification

one on mathy stuff (dimensional analysis, logarithms, standard deviation, etc.).  

And one on metabolism (making and breaking molecules):  

There’s also a whole page for amino acids (protein letters) – you don’t have to wait until December’s #20DaysOfAminoAcids!

I also wanted to let you all know that I’ve added an option to subscribe to get email notifications when I post new posts (people had asked for the option so I added it, I didn’t add it to get your personal info or anything!)  

I really hope this helps make it easier to access fun information on biochemistry! Because that’s why I do this. Not for fame or followers. But to pay it forward, let people see how awesome biochemistry is, and come to visualize & love the molecules all around and inside us all. more about me and my philosophy:

Happy learning everyone and thanks for all your support! Sometimes it gets really exhausting doing all this while earning a PhD but knowing I’m helping people makes it all soooooo worth it!  

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