I spent this morning doing slot-blot filter binding assays, which are an experiment in which you measure protein-nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) interactions using a double membrane sandwich with a nitrocellulose membrane on top that traps proteins (and bound nucleic acids) and a nylon membrane below that binds any free nucleic acids. So I planned to make a video showing you how I set it up and run it – and I did – but I also found I had some stuff to say about experimenting in general so I put that stuff first and then the behind-the-scenes look at the blot-a-lot-a-lotting

If you want way more details….

much more about slot blotting: http://bit.ly/bindingaffinity & http://bit.ly/emsaslotblot
more about Kd: http://bit.ly/bindingaffinity
more about phosphor storage screens: http://bit.ly/phosphorimaging

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