Ribosomes are really awesome and as I get to know them better I want to help you get to know them better. So I’m planning to make some short videos with fun facts that I put here…

more on ribosome profiling: https://bit.ly/ribosomefootprinting & https://youtu.be/eclwa-gvWxw

4/14/22: Nearing the end of my first week as a postdoc and learning LOTS – and more than just which doors I have access to in order to get into the building… One of the things I’m learning about is ribosome purification. It’s quite different from the recombinant protein purification I’m used to! Instead, it uses a sucrose cushion to isolate the ribosomes (because they’re super heavy so will sink) and then a sucrose gradient to isolate the complete ones. You don’t have to go through a bunch of fancy bells and whistles because the ribosome is sooooo huge (human is ~4.3 MDa) and soooooo abundant. 

really helpful site from The Ban Lab: with a guide to ribosome nomenclature – all those u’s, e’s, S’s, m’s, etc… & conversions between different names – plus parts that are conserved, not concserved, etc. Cool stuff. https://bangroup.ethz.ch/research/nomenclature-of-ribosomal-proteins.html

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