A lot of people have been asking me about me, so I thought I’d give you an intro to Bri! And, of course, my alter ego, the bumbling biochemist. 

note: I made this video as an adaptation of a talk I gave for a high school class. It’s basically  an overview of who I am and what I do – I start with some info about what I research, then my path to grad school, and then more about by blog and related content. 

Also, side note – please, please please, do not comment on anyone’s looks when they post a science communication post. Even if you mean it as a compliment, it’s insulting. And objectifying. And so unnecessary. I was reluctant to make videos in part for this reason and it appears my fears were justified as these seem to be getting more frequent.  I think what upsets me most is that these people seem to think it’s okay – I mean they’re not just “trolling” they seem to genuinely think it’s okay. It’s not. So please stop it so I don’t. Thanks!

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