Thesis-writing me thanks figure-making me! This is seriously one of the most important pieces of advice I can give fellow students… I make “paper-style” figure legends for my figures that are just for my notes (and potentially lab meeting) – This has come in really handy when I now need to put them into my thesis (and paper). Having the experimental details already written down there keeps me from having to dig through my notes from years ago to find out what the heck I did.

when it comes to making figures, work with vector graphics whenever possible – this way you can scale without losing quality (I use Adobe Illustrator, but there are free alternatives like GiMP & InkScape). When you want to use them, you can then export different figure panels of that larger figure as separate images (e.g. using the asset export tool) you can mix and match and use them for different things (thesis, paper, slideshow presentation, etc.)   

video on left from 11/8/21. video on right added 3/3/22

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