Sorry for the late notice about this, but there’s a great, free, virtual event on green laboratory practices (green chemistry, reducing waste, & recycling equipment) taking place this weekend, supported by the IUBMB Trainee Initiative. The Green Laboratory Work 2022 Conference is organized by a group of students from around Germany, including the TI’s own Patrick Penndorf, and will feature talks and workshops from sustainable research leaders from around the world May 14-15 & accessible content will be available on the platform all of May. It will include tips and tricks for greening your work (from chemicals to consumables) as well as advice for how to convince the reluctant to do so. It’s going to use a virtual conference platform that will make it easy to connect with others and stay in touch. 

You can learn here:

and sign up for free!:  

All are welcome – from newcomers to sustainability to old pros.  

And, as you go about your work in the lab, remember the 5 R’s of sustainability – in order of priority: 

1. refuse – do you really need that? 

2. reduce – if you do, can you at least use less of it? 

3. reuse – can you use it again? and again? and again?… 

4. repurpose – if you don’t need it for its original purpose, can you at least use it for something else? 

5. recycle – if it really has outlived its usefulness in its original form, its parts may still be useful for other things 

Also, remember to always keep in mind what you’re doing at each step in an experiment and why to have a better sense of when you can and can’t reuse things – e.g. you’re going to have to waste more tips and stuff when working with RNA or PCR because you have to be really careful about avoiding RNase contamination and cross-contamination between samples. So try to “make up for it” by reusing more in other experiments when these issues are less of a concern. But always remember if you’re reusing a tip or something, don’t stick it back in the stock container! (you don’t want to accidentally contaminate the whole stock) 

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