Hope this can help people think like a molecule – and a biochemist! It was inspired by me geeking out over some o-chem and thinking about how our cells are really filled with teeny tiny chemists (those enzymes we discussed yesterday). That got me thinking a lot about how I think about – well – everything that matter-s! So I thought I’d make a little video reviewing atoms, molecules, electron clouds, bonds & interactions (covalent, ionic, hydrogen-, London…). Basically a lot of stuff you learn in gen-chem & o-chem, but with the perspective of a biochemist. I hope it can help someone (hopefully multiple someones) looking to develop a more intuitive understanding of biochemistry. Also, it will serve as a good intro to point people to to define all that jargon I mentioned. 

You can find a lot more information about bonding and intermolecular attractions (and how it’s involved in hair frizz) here: http://bit.ly/frizzandmolecularattractions 

more about nucleophiles & electrophiles here: http://bit.ly/nucleophilefiles

more about nucleophilic substitution here: http://bit.ly/sn1vssn2

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