When it comes to choosing a college major, my personal thoughts/advice can be boiled down to…

  • focus on course requirements and electives, rather than “titles”
  • look at the requirements for grad programs, etc. and see if the major you’re considering fulfills them all. If not, you can (and should) take those classes in addition to your major requirements
  • explore classes way outside your major (and consider liberal arts options) – this will give you better perspective and improve your ability to resonate with and communicate to a broader audience
  • remember that some of the best learning takes place outside the classroom – for science, this is largely in the lab and this is where you can do the most “fine-tuning” to your interests, even if it’s slightly “outside” your major
  • keep an open mind
  • know that you can change your major so don’t worry about getting locked into a major when you apply
  • seek out career counselors on campus to help you

*note: these are just my personal thoughts and advice, from a US-centric perspective. Make sure you check that this all applies to the schools you are looking at. And find what works for YOU. (And there’s no one right answer to this! There are many paths to your goals and it’s okay for those goals to change as you’re exposed to more options)

Most importantly of all, try to enjoy the learning process! It’s an immense privilege that shouldn’t be taken for granted. So enjoy it, soak in the knowledge, and pass it on.

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