I love amino acids. And I love puzzles. So, you know I LOVE amino acid puzzles! The IUBMB (International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) had printed jigsaw puzzle versions of my amino acid chart and is contest-ing some off. All you have to do is show me how much YOU love amino acids by writing a poem about any or all of them & emailing it to contest@iubmb.org before September 1. I will choose my favorite and the author will get a puzzle. *7/22 UPDATE: We will now have an audience choice award as well – you will all get a chance to vote for your favorite!*Additionally, no matter how “bad” your poem is you still have a chance to win via random draw. Everyone who submits a poem (as long as it’s not inappropriate or anything) will get entered into the drawing. If we get a lot of submissions, we might even judge-off and raffle-off more. So get your friends to submit too and increase the odds for both of you! (And of course share with your friend if you win!)

It can be any kind of poem (about amino acid(s)) and you can submit multiple for judging but you’ll only get entered into the raffle once. Need inspiration? Check out the protein and amino acid page of my blog where there are links to posts about all the amino acids & what happens when they come together! https://thebumblingbiochemist.com/lets-talk-science/amino-acids/

When you email your poem(s) to contest@iubmb.org (by the end of August remember), be sure to specify

  1. Are you okay with your poem being put up on the IUBMB website?
  2. If yes, do you want it to be a) anonymous b) first-name only c) full name

Also, we’d love to know who you are (in a non-creepy way!). Are you an undergrad? grad student? postdoc? professor? If so, where and what do you study? “Just” a non-scientist amino acid fan? We want to hear from you too.

Huge thanks to the IUBMB (especially President Dr. Alexandra Newton) for sponsoring this contest (and putting up with all my crazy ideas like this!). Remember to follow the IUBMB (and the IUBMB Trainee Initiative) on all the social media sites. here’s some more info about the IUBMB TI: https://iubmb.org/iubmb-trainee-initiative/

Happy writing!


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