Adobe Illustrator – there’s a ton you *can* do but here are some helpful features to do just enough to do what you need to do. Getting started with Illustrator can be super intimidating and a lot of tutorials are geared toward artists or wannabe artists so they cover stuff that you don’t really need to worry about. But there are some basic things to know that will make things way easier and allow you to make simple graphics and figures so I want to show you some of them – especially the ones I forgot to mention yesterday, but I will also repeat some stuff so this can stand alone more. Basically it’s just a video of me playing around in Illustrator trying to show you some of my favorite features (and a few I’d almost forgotten about). People seemed to find yesterday helpful when I didn’t expect them to, so who knows with this but thought I’d at least finish things up with it. 


  • NOT a comprehensive guide or tutorial
  • I am not an expert – I don’t really know what I’m doing but I’ve been able to teach myself enough to make okay graphics 
  • I have no clue what many of the tools do
  • Super bumbly 

See Yesterday’s video for more about various things I forgot today! Plussome stuff about why it’s so helpful to learn to use illustrator or another vector graphics program like Inkscape 

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