I get not wanting to put all the answers in the back of the book if teachers are assigning problem sets for students, but making the solutions available by purchase only… that’s just wrong on multiple levels… How’s this acceptable? It’s disgusting. You pay so much for the textbook – just to rent it! – then you have to pay more if you want to make sure you’re learning it correctly? & don’t think you’re right when you’re wrong? Just another example of those with money having an upper edge in school at all levels. I was fortunate to have the privilege to get through college & get all the books I needed (with loans I’m still paying off & working) but the system is so rigged against those who don’t. It’s one reason that motivates me to make all my content and make it all freely accessible. The least I can do to give back. steps off soapbox…

I highly recommend people check out this great Vox article by Gaby Del Valle, “The high cost of college textbooks, explained” https://www.vox.com/the-goods/2019/3/6/18252322/college-textbooks-cost-expensive-pearson-cengage-mcgraw-hill 

And here are links to some open textbook repositories:



not textbooks, but Harvard’s labXchange hosts a variety of free educational content (and even shares some of my stuff): https://www.labxchange.org/org/thebumblingbiochemist 

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