If you hadn’t noticed by the tone of some of my recent posts, I’m a bit stressed out recently, trying to wrap up this PhD while dealing with some super frustrating obstacles I have no control over. But I’m not leaving you all, don’t worry. When I’m overwhelmed, I have plenty of material I’ve written already to tap into and today I just want to direct you to a page on my blog where you can find links to posts on a wide variety of biochemistry and molecular biology techniques. Someone asked me the other day whether I have such a page and yes, yes, I do – so I hope it can help you too! https://thebumblingbiochemist.com/lets-talk-science/techniques/

In the pics I put some of the techniques you can find on the page – including SDS-PAGE! (which we use to separate proteins by their size (technically length)), urea-PAGE (similar but for RNA), and agarose gel electrophoresis (similar-ish but for DNA). 

the page is a work in progress and there are a lot of other technique posts not included (yet) but which you can find by searching my blog

also, all the protein purification stuff has its own page because there’s so much of it https://thebumblingbiochemist.com/lets-talk-science/protein-purification/ 

P.S. Hopefully by the time I post this, this HDX-MS data will have finished compiling – this progress bar has been sooooooooo close to the end for like an hour…

update: it finished but the data files were messed up so now I’m trying it again with freshly-sent data which is loading slowly… it’s been quite a boringly, frustratingly, exhausting day but I’m really grateful to the person resending the data to me! Because I reaaaally want to work with it.

update 2: IT WORKED! IT WORKED! IT WORKED! The data is here and uncorrupted and ready for manually curated hundreds of mass spectra. So excited! (seriously, no sarcasm – though I’m sure I will be hating it by the end).  More on what I’m talking about here: http://bit.ly/hdxmassspec 

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