On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram I'm taking walking people through some of the biochemistry work I do, as well as fundamental biochemistry concepts using and I'll be re-posting some of the posts here. (You can find links to all of my past posts here: http://bit.ly/2OllAB0 )Feel free to ask questions and call me out if I slip into jargon!

Some Selected Posts


Do I get a point for discussing DEW POINT? This heat wave has me thinking of when I was a […]

Evaporation, vapor pressure, boiling point, etc.

To prepare sufficiently soggy spaghetti atop the summit of Mt. Everest, you might want to bring salt in addition to a stove. […]

Analytical size exclusion chromatography

Tiny columns can purify tiny amounts of protein, but I doubt tiny AKTAs can – but they are oh so […]


What do you get when you give a hydrocarbon alcohol? A carb! I hope I don’t carboload you with nerdy […]

Liquid nitrogen & states of matter

What state do you live in? Why does it matter? I want to know how much freedom you have! And […]

Diabetes, insulin, and glucometers

Be an agent of change – reductive change… The ability of glucose to reduce allows glucometers to deduce, the concentration […]

The chemistry of glowsticks

Why are my eyes all aglow? Chemistry! And it’s pretty *dog*gone cool! It involves atoms of hydrogen peroxide interacting with […]

Whose dog is this? Hydrogen peroxide, disproportionation reactions, oxidation numbers, electronegativity & more!

Hydrogen peroxide is an electron hog – let me explain in terms of a butt-sniffing dog! I hope you don’t […]


I talk about “thinking in molecules” but what is a MOLECULE? 🤷‍♀️And why do I think they’re so cool we should […]

Layers of protein structure

I don’t just go around rocking a lab-coat cape. I work on studying PROTEINS’ shape! Amino acids make proteins “charm”-ing 😍 & […]

Nucleic Acids

Nucleic Acids!!!!! All the awesome stuff I study – everything from DNA to proteins – and even the bench I […]


Fats get a bad rap, but cellular components lipids wrap! Lipids include fats, oils, waxes, steroids, & more & they’re […]

Free energy and fireworks

Fireworks or fire-won’t-works? Chemistry dictates if sparks you will see! And metals determine what color they will be! Redox reactions […]

Electrolytic cells & gel electrophoresis

I see bubbles! Bubbles from the wires of a gel electrophoresis module are like the biochemist’s version of looking to […]

Polyacrylamide gel polymerization

Feeling all alone? Have a lone electron you can loan? In a radical polymerization ride, the oxidant APS helps put […]

Redox and biochemical reducing agents

Using DTT? How could you tell? I recognized that distinct rotten-egg smell! Can the bumbling biochemist reduce REDUCING AGENTS into […]

Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies

Is monoclonal or polyclonal the way to go when you’re playing antibody “Where’s Waldo?” Whether in the body or in […]


Has anybody seen the ANTIBODY? Or do I need to use a secondary antibody to find it? 🤓Antibodies, or immunoglobulins, […]

Protein translation

Going to the ribosome chapel and we’re gonna make a protein! And you’re invited! I like to talk about genes […]

RNA extraction

Do you know the attraction of an RNA EXTRACTION? I’m sure many of the folks here at #cshlsymp19 do! Actually […]

Protein purification workflow part 2

From gene to gel – hope it goes well! Pure picked protein production from start to finish (today focusing on […]

Protein purification workflow

What’s a typical protein purification workflow? How do we select what stays and what goes?  Is the prep going well? […]

Site-directed mutagenesis and the structure-function link

SITE-DIRECTED MUTAGENESIS ⚡️ If protein letters you insert, can new powers you exert? 🤔 If letters you delete, can you better compete? Or maybe […]

Protein translation as a peptide wedding

Pictures from the PROTEIN TRANSLATION WEDDING are out! 🤗They say a picture tells 1000 words. Well, if codons are mRNA “words” […]

The genetic code and codon optimization

What color is the sky before a storm? 🌩 Brits may write “grEy” while Americans write “grAy” but both recognize it as […]

Cryoprotectants and freezing point depression

In the ANTIFREEZE dance you dance in super slow-mo 💃 but “never” freeze bc of the colligative property of FREEZING-POINT DEPRESSION 💧➡️🛑❄️ & in […]

The “real” CRISPR/Cas & how it compares to our immune systems

🎶 CRISPR’s got a long list of ex-invaders, they’ll tell you Cas9 cut their DNA. But CRISPR’s got a blank space, […]

IPTG induction of protein expression

Have you met my new pET Hector? He’s a VECTOR! 🤗 He can’t play fetch 😞 but he *can* be used to make PROTEIN! 🤩 & […]

Phagemids: pET vectors and T7 control

This plasmid has 2 ORIGIN stories 🐣 BUT we only use 1 of them to REPLICATE & pass down our […]