Elisa Izaurralde

Hundreds of scientists recently hailed from around the world to attend Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s 84th Symposium, this year centered […]

Christine Bear

Christine Bear is a senior scientist and co-director of the SickKids Cystic Fibrosis Center in Toronto, Canada and a Professor […]

Jennifer Doudna

It is so important for scientists to be willing and able to communicate their scientific findings to the general public, […]

Maria Jasin

Molecular and developmental biologist Maria Jasin studies DNA repair and how the process is affected in certain cancers, and was […]

Mary Jane Osborn

Mary Jane Osborn (September 24, 1927 – January 17, 2019). Early this year, the biochemistry and microbiology communities mourned the […]

Marion B. Sewer

Do you ever hear about a scholarship named after someone and focus on the money rather than the namesake? Well, […]

Martha Annie Whiteley

English Chemist Martha Annie Whiteley (1866-1956) campaigned for women to be admitted to London’s Chemical Society (the precursor to the […]

Noreen Elizabeth Murray

Molecular geneticist Lady Noreen Elizabeth Murray helped kick-start the genetic engineering revolution, studying how to cut and paste DNA and […]

Doreen Ware (update!)

Congratulations to computational plant geneticist Dr. Doreen Ware for her promotion to Adjunct Professor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL)! […]