Biochemical Blenders

Today in #EquippedToExperiment (series where I take you on a tour of my #biochemistry “lab 🏡” (link 2 all eps […]

Familiar Furnishings

Some of the “furniture” & “appliances” I’ve shown you/will show you through #EquippedToExperiment may seem foreign, but there are many […]

Picking Pipettes

Getting from tube A to tube B (the Biochemistry Transit System 🤓🙃) Probably ~90% of what my #lifeinthelab entails is […]

Technical Tupperware

In the last #EquippedToExperiment subthread, I showed you some of our glassware, now for a tour of our not-so-glass-ware. Here’s […]

Glassware Glossary

Instead of vases and jars, biochemists use Erlenmeyer flasks and Pyrex bottles (in lots of different sizes). Here's a 👀 […]

The Bumbling Biochemist Begins

I didn’t set out to become a science/scicomm (science communication) “superhero.” I also didn’t get bitten by a super spider […]

The Hershey-Chase Experiment

Nowadays, many of us take for granted that DNA is the source of hereditary information, but this is actually a […]